What is the style of company?
    This is a set of your external, and sometimes internal attributes, by which this or that company must be easily recognized on the services market. Every self-respect company must have a logotype, blanks, briefs, discount cards, an Internet-representation etc. It is undestanable that all these attributes must be harmoniously combined with each other and be made in certain style, that everybody could immediately understand without any special information what kind of company is it. For a good known company, which needn't the global advertising ever more, this problem is solved by itself.

Your style
   What should do the company which just begins its business? How should you better show yourself? If you don't know the answers on these questions (we are speaking, of course, about your style or your image in other words), we are ready to cooperate with you. We shall help you to find and embody your original style, which will work for you with maximal efficiency.
We will develop for you:
 Blanks, briefs, discount cards.
 Internet-representation, banners.
 Posters, booklets.
 Electronic presentation.
 Other accompanied materials.

You shouldn't underestimate this aspect. If you show yourself as a solid person, it will be quite a big advantage for your business. It is known, that people meet you by your clothes.