What is WEB-site?
    There are several directions of WEB-sites (Internet-resources). Each project is developed for the certain purposes:

 a home (personal) page - is necessary for self-expression, for searching friends of interest;
 Internet-representation of a company - represents the information about your company, offered services, search and win over the potential clients;
 Internet-shop (E-commerce) - is a specialized project for sales realization in Internet;
 Internet-portal - is a project for large companies, focused, first of all, on general access to the information resources of enterprise, on mobile control of information, on data localization, and as a result - on their effective processing and analysis.

   Certainly this differentiation is very conditional, everything depends on the concrete realization. Some projects are quite simple, other need difficult technologies.
   Our aim is to make your resource not only nice, but the most functional, that it would bring a real profit or at least once, would promote the growth of the company.
   We offer you our help in developing, introducting, supporting, advancing the new and already existing Internet-resources. Internet is the huge information space, which allows not only to exchange messages, but really to advance your business.

    We shall help you to go up to a new level of your business.